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A car free Saturday in Seattle

After an eventful Friday, Saturday was just as eventful. My Saturday events did not start until 3pm, where I decided to bike down to Fremont to meet my SEC Alumni friends for an annual SEC football season kick off party. It was great meeting all my Alumni friends, some from Auburn, some from Florida. All in all, we been doing this for couple of years now and we are all very excited for the football season to start. After the HH, I decided to bike up to the annual Pig-o-rama (a pig roast party). This is hosted by my friend’s friend, in Ballard. The event was fun, with my Auburn University cycling jersey on, I actually met couple of Alabama and Auburn guys at the Pig-o-rama. This is the 6th annual event and my 3 time attending. It is still fun and pretty exciting. My original plan was to catch the bus home, however, I was just few minutes late and the next bus was not going to arrive for another 30 minutes, so I decided to bike home. 20 minutes later, I was home. It was a good bike ride, but I rarely ride at night, though I have tail lights, it still feels very dangerous.

Well… enjoy the pictures… got to get ready for Sunday…


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