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Bike to Work Day 2011

So today is bike to work day. I’ve been fighting this cough for a week now, and this is the first time returning on my bike since my fall. The ride to downtown was great almost all down hill going in. The day was beautiful and the ride was great. The only problem was that today was also the day that I had to teach a class in the Seattle office, so I had to bring my laptop and also some demo gear as a visual aid for my class. So my little backpack was packed and heavy. As I stated, getting to work was great, however, on my return trip, I discovered something. I got my 4th flat this year!!!! Yeah… just before I was leaving the garage I notice the my bike sounds a little funny, I was thinking … oh no not again!!!!

And yes… another flat.. the back tire this time. Luckily, I just bought 3 tubes this week. but then I noticed I don’t have my pump with me… yikes!!!

Luckily, my best buds Colin and Brian are around, they came down to the garage with a small pump and helped me out. After about 15 minutes, got a new tube, pumped up and I was on my way.

4th one of the year!!! what’s going on this year….
so tomorrow will be my first 70 miler with Tour de Cure!!!!

Wish me luck!!!! oh and also if you feel like donating to help the fight against diabetes click here!!!

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