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First Training ride to Marine Park in Everett, WA

So today is my first training ride for STP. My buddy Brian and I decided to ride up to Everett and back for our first long ride. The round trip is around 60 miles or so. The trip started off really well, the day was beautiful and we rode 29.8 miles and reached Marine Park in Everett, WA. The destination was not what I expected, but it was a destination. We did see an aircraft carrier at the Navy base!!!

Aircraft Carrier in Everett!!!

After a brief, lunch at a brewery nearby to carb load, we started to ride home. Around 11 miles from completing our trek, I got a flat, I took the time to patch my flat and I thought all is well and started to ride again. After another mile, right when I was crossing a street, my tire gave away, I slipped and fell, luckily I was not hurt. Since I did not have any spare tube, I decided to end my ride for the day and call for recovery. Vicky was quick to arrive and pick me up. So after a long day, I completed 52.56 miles, but was not able to finish my entire 60 mile trip. The good news is my buddy Brian was able to finish the 60 miles!!! Good job Brian!!

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