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My second flat tire

So this morning was suppose to be a beautiful weather day, but after picking up Vicky’s car and paying outrageous amount of money for a water pump replacement, the weather started to rain. And BTW why is it so expensive to work on a car?? Some times I wish I have a shop so I can do work myself.

Anyways, It was raining and I was suppose to ride to work today. So, I waited until the rain stopped and decided to ride anyways. I needed to training for STP. As I was checking my tire pressures, my rear tire pressure valve broke and PTTTT…. there goes my air and my rear tire is flat. Doh!

The good thing is that now I have a chance to change my rear tube. The experience was not as bad as the first time. I was pretty efficient and quick and soon. I was on my way.

The ride to work was pretty good, only one close call, there are alot of crazy drivers on the road that don’t respect the bicyclists. However, I’ve also seen some really stupid and irresponsible bicyclist that just totally ignores all traffic lows and cut cars off. I can see why the drivers don’t respect us. So stop being stupid crazy drivers and bicyclists!!!

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