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Come here Neo Sweetie…

So… last night, it was very hot here in seattle, so I decided to sleep with all of my bed room windows open. So around 3:00 AM this morning, I heard a girl calling “Come Here Neo, Sweetie.” coming from outside my bedroom window in the alley way. Maybe she was calling for Leo… but I was not fully awake. So at first, I though … “hum, who would walk their dog around this time of the night”. I looked at the clock and it was 3:00 AM. I then thought to myself… “I am sure they will go away soon” and I continued to sleep. I continued to hear the calling for Neo. “Neo come here… Neo. Sweetie come here…. Neo Neo Neo…”. On and on… and finally around 3:30 AM, I can not take it any more and decide to say something…. I stood next to my window and said one word… “PLEASE!!!”. The response I got was so shocking that I did not know how to answer in my half awaken state and I just went back to bed.

What was it?

So… when I yell out “Please”.

The response I got was from a dude..
He said… “Sorry, but my pet parrot just flew out and he is my best friend”


Pet Parrot?

HuH? am I dreaming??? they were looking for their pet parrot???? if they found it how were they suppose to catch it??? what?

After that I lay back down on my bed and went back to sleep… I think the calling continues for few more minutes and stopped.

Interesting huh? … the question is was I dreaming or was it real???

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