Three New Addition to Mintrix.Net

So after a very very very long time, I finally decided to add some more things to my website. This week, I added 3 new additions to my site. Back in the old days I was a purist and would never add all the 3rd party scripts and etc. I remember, when I needed a search for my site, I modified an open sourced search to fit my site. But today… I just don’t feel like doing that any more. I guess how time have changed.

So the following are the changes…

1) Site Search Engine … New site search engine by Google. Now if you ever wanted anything that I wrote about before just search there. (both front page and under blog)

2) New RSS Feed… I modified the RSS feed to use feedburner by Google. This helps with tracking the feed readers. (in blog only)

3) Call Me with Google Voice. Since I got Google Voice recently, now you can call my Google Voice number anytime from my website. (in blog only)

Yes… I also noticed that all 3 apps are from Google. I guess they make some pretty neat products huh?

Enjoy and let me know if you have any comments.

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