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… finally found a place

After a whole weekend of running around in Seattle looking for a place to live .. I finally decided on one. It was pretty hard choice… I went from Magnolia to Wallingford, to Ballard, to Green Lake to Green wood to Shoreline to Mount Lake Terrace to Edmonds to Lynnwood. My price started to 800 and it ended up alot more then I expected, but the place is pretty nice. I finally ended up in Lynnwood and I am going to live about 2.5 miles from work. Yeah… close to work, is good. I really wanted to live in Wallingford or Green Lake but… I just can not find a place with in my price range and a place that I really like. So… I will live in this new place for a while and see where I want to go from there.

As I stated before, the place is pretty interesting… it has a small indoor lap pool and they also have a full size basketball court. Lots of little features like that. Pretty neat. I just hope it will be as good as promised.

We will see… so come and visit me in Seattle.

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