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Day 3 Taiwan 2002

Day 3

Once again… lots of stuff went on today.

As usual, I start the morning in Taiwan with a wonderful breakfast. I have not eaten breakfast in the US for a while now. After breakfast we head to the hospital with my grandmother for her rehab training. It makes me feel a lot better knowing that she is doing better with every session. For lunch, I went to my uncless house and caught up on some old times. I also got to see some of my cousin’s kids. Gee! I am an uncle now!

Hsiu Hsiu met us after lunch at my uncle’s place where we chatted a little and then headed out. I was still filling a little bit oozy, we decided to go see a doctor here in Taiwan. She took me to her old doctor that she has been seeing since she was a kid. The experience was incredible. I was in the clinic and there was almost no wait. I got attend to almost immediately. The doctor ask me what’s wrong and then look it over, ask me couple of questions and pretty much knew what’s wrong with me. I was not comfortable with his quick diagnostics so I asked him some questions and about the drugs he was prescribing . He quickly explained every bit with great detail. I thought to myself, this guy knows what he is talking about. The best part of the whole thing was, with the drugs included, the entire visit only cost me 400 NT or 12 bucks US. Almost 10 times less then what I had to pay in US. This is without insurance. Man, for everyone in US, the medical community is screwing us over!!!

Afterward, we headed to a fancy store to buy some xmas gifts for our friends in Taiwan and in US. Check this out … a Snoopy exhibit.

For dinner we met up with my uncles and aunts from my mom’s side and had a super wonderful dinner.

Hey! every seen an automatic parking garage? Cool! uh?

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