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My First day in Taipei

Today has been a really interesting day. I woke up around 7:00 am local time. It was a good sleep. I can hear the streets outside populating with Chinese people talking Chinese. I mean what else would they speak right? Well, I got some breakfast around the street corner. Boy, food is so cheap over here. I mean about a little over a dollar US, I can get a breakfast sandwich plus a drink. And it taste 100 x better then the stuff in the US. I love the food here. Well, after breakfast, I went with my grand mother to her physical therapy center. It is very sad seeing my grand mother having difficulties doing some of the simplest physical movements. I think I will go with her ever morning while I am here. I think by me being there, I really give her a great mental support. For lunch, I had a local bento. Once again, it was cheap and very good. After lunch, I met up with Hsiu Hsiu and started to cruise around town. Hsiu Hsiu and I met up with one of her old high school friend. We decided to head for some afternoon tea. Take a look! here are some pictures.

So the afternoon tea, we visited the local super pricey store and drop her high school friend off to school. When dinner time rolled around we decided to go to one of taipei’s Night market streets. Wow… I loved it… they have all kinds of food there and tons of little stuff for sale. It was something.

After a long night around, I finally got back to my grandmother’s house. Right now I feel a bit dizzy… i guess, I must still have some jet lags. I will write more about tomorrow’s events.

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