Second Full Day around NYC.

Yesterday was a busy day.  I had to work most of the day, but in the afternoon, I had a chance to enjoy the nice weather and walk the Brooklyn Bridge.  The view of south Manhattan was just beautiful.   I get a chance to check out the location of the former World Trade Center Towers.  It is amazing that it has been 9 years since the event.  I remembered exactly where I was when that happened.    After the walk around town, We had dinner at a local French Restaurant.  It was call Les Halles.  The food was good but wow… we accidently got an $8 bottle of water.  All I wanted was ice water.   I think that was the most expensive bottle of water I’ve ever drank and it tasted like tap water.

Anyways, today is a free day for me… so lots of exciting things to do today.

Enjoy the pictures.