Day 2 Trapped in Amsterdam

Our flight was delayed yesterday because of the big snow storm in Europe. We wasted alot of time in air and then landed in London for refilling and then more time in air. when we finally landed in Amsterdam everything was cancelled. So after 6 hours of waiting in line yesterday in Amsterdam airport for our cancelled flight, we finally got a hotel room at the Ibis hotel near the airport. The hotel was comped by KML and we had dinner and breakfast this morning

So this morning we are back in a 4 hour minimum line for getting a flight to Paris. I don’t know if we will get to Paris tonight. My thought is trying to get them to get us a ticket to paris on the 24th. and just spend our vacation here in Amsterdam. It is already 10:40 and I don’t think we will be getting to speak to anyone before 12 pm today.

We already missed one day of hotel in Tours, missed our TGV train to Tours from Paris, and we will probably miss our return train if we decide to stay here. My iphone is broken so no Iphone.

so yeah… so far this trip really sucks so far… maybe it will turn around soon.