A wonderful Long weekend around and about

This past weekend was pretty good and relaxing. Of course after the break in incident. Well, of course after Saturday morning of running around getting my window replaced and oh and I got my wind shield replaced as well. Yeah, I guess, after I moved to Seattle, I have done alot of work on my car. front bummer replaced because of a hit and run. From grill replaced because of stupid idiots stealing my grill logo. dent in the right rear panel fixed because of stupid people at the apt keying my car. passenger rear and passenger front window replaced because of breakings. Front wind shield replaced because of rock chips. Gosh… yes… alot of work done.

Anyways, this weekend, I had a chance to go out take some pictures enjoy the great NW with friends. It was good food and great times. Gosh I really do not want to come back to work. I will try to work on the pictures and get them posted.


Just a guy inside the Mintrix

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