I hate stupid people in Seattle!!!

So it was a great afternoon, a beautiful day and a wonderful afternoon. I had an oppertunity to go and watch an exciting 12 inning Mariners game. Yes and the Mariners won. After the walk back to the car after a wonderful evening… I discovered my car was broken into AGAIN!!!! Yes second time this year!!!! What is wrong with you guys? Why do you keep on breaking into my car??? and why did the person take this time? a 80 dollars handsfree bluetooth device. Yeah… very very nice. sigh… Well.. the police was called and they don’t want to come and see me unless it is over 1500 dollars. So everything is done over the phone. Well… I am ok… that’s the important thing. Tomorrow… I will go and fix my glass. DAMN those idiots!


Just a guy inside the Mintrix

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