Another busy April weekend

This past weekend was fairly busy. Oh… I guess it really started on Thursday night. I found a piece of bone in the fatty tuna sashimi at Red Fin Japanese Restaurant in Seattle near Stewart. can you believe it. It was a 1 cm piece of bone and the waitress was like oh… those things happens. Humm… see if I go back there again. They did give me another piece to make up for it… but still… I never ever had that experience in eating sushi before. On Friday night I went to see the Mariners play… wonderful seats right behind home plate and of course the M’s won!!! Yeah. Saturday I work all day doing one of my side jobs, and accomplished alot and had a wonderful evening. Sunday, I worked all morning, had dim sum and did some filming for my video side. All in all.. a very good weekend.


Just a guy inside the Mintrix

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