What a weekend… and an end of the 40 day experiment

So this past weekend, I was in Houston helping my sister find a place. Houston brought back so many memories. I saw all the places I use to go. I went back to visit my old townhouse, and that tree was still there.. and it is huge now. ( look back in 2003… where I moved a tree with my car… hee hee) I went back to Osaka my favorite sushi place in Houston and Tom, the sushi chef still remember me :)… ( I use to go there alot). The Montrose overpass is now an underpass. May’s place don’t have my favorite vegetarian Taiwanese meatballs anymore 🙁 (how sad). Drove around and saw all the other places where it just brings back so many memories. We found and picked some loquat. We bought alot of exotic fruits (I love fruits). We went to one of my favorite cajun place (Pappaduax) in Houston. We had lots of boiled crawfish… and it was only 4.99 a lb. vs 8.99 in Seattle… and it is so much better. I met up with an old co-worker of mine… we talked about how things have changed… talked about the good times in the past and BS a bit. It was fun.

so on top of all of that I concluded my 40 days of no soft drinks or hard drinks or any other sugar drinks. So I bet everyone is wondering what was my first none water drink after 40 days. Ha Ha….
It was a Cherry Limeade from Sonic!!! My second was a Dr. Pepper and my third was a sugar cane juice (soo good)!!!
All in all it was a busy but a good weekend. It was great to see my parents and my sister and it was great to revisit Houston.


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