What a horrible day!!!

Well… today started off really early. I got up around 4:00 am CST. Why? This is because I had to drive to Birmingham for my flight at 8:30 to Detroit. So with a few hours of sleep my dad and I drove up to Birmingham. Once I got through security, and just before the boarding time, the pilot comes out and says that the plane will have a delay take off because of freezing fog in Detroit. Yikes!!! So at this time, I was looking for my options. Maybe I can fly to Houston with Continental and get to Seattle that way. However, they (Northwest Airline) will not allow it. They reassured me that everyone is delayed so don’t worry, you won’t miss your connection. So I believed them. I waited and then boarded the plane to Detroit. When I got to Detroit, it was 3 hours late; we waited another hour on the plane just for a gate to get off. When I got to the gate, there were not gate agent waiting to answer questions, and on the departure board there were no flights to Seattle. So what was I suppose to do? I eventually went and found out that I got forwarded to Washington, DC to catch an Alaska Airline’s flight to Seattle. Ok… so I went to Counter A8 in Detroit counter to confirm my flight to DC. Well… some where around this time, I must have put down my camera bag. When all the action, was going on, I took my stuff and boarded the plane and … I was on my way to DC. They promise me that I will get to Seattle around 8:40pm. When I get to DC… I realized that I am missing my camera bag. OH NO!!!!!! … my camera bag with my camera, my lens, and my flash!!!! IT is all gone… all gone… How can I be so careless… how can I be so careless!!! I am thinking it must have been all the running around trying to get to my flight and trying to get home. So now I am in the middle seat on Alaska airline flight AS0003 back to Seattle, my mind is just a mush… I am feeling sooo bad. The camera gears that I spend the last few years building up is all gone. I did report it to the baggage service in DC, however, I am very doubtful that I will every see my camera again. I am wondering if I should even continue to take pictures. I mean I am feeling so bad right now. My entire day wasted on the airplane trying to find a way back to Seattle so I can get home. I am ending up losing big. I will still have to take another day off and I don’t have my camera anymore … I am feeling sooooo bad…
I am pretty sure that when I get to Seattle my bags will be lost at well.
What is wrong with me … Things are just not going well… lately…
So… what should I do? One the few hobbies that makes me happy now is completely destroyed. I still can’t believe I lost my camera.
So … I guess I should review what we learned here.
1) NEVER FLY Northwest Airline (NWA) via Detroit (DWT) during the winter time. If you do… expect delays!!!
2) Travel with carry on only as much as possible.
3) Keep a name tag and keep track of your camera at all time.
4) When flying, everyone treat you as a potential terrorist… what happen to innocent until proven guilty… I guess that just don’t apply to flying and security.
Well… anyone have a good suggestion for how to recover my camera or even a recommendation for a new camera? Should I go the next gen Canon body? Or should I go Sony? Or even Nikon? Since I don’t have anything anymore… it doesn’t matter.
I know… I am a little bit bitter right now… I am not mad at anything… but I am just mad at myself for being so careless so careless… And that hurt a lot …
Well… I will write more later.


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