Dreaming of waterfalls and beautiful music

Lately, I been having dreams of river oceans and waterfalls. For example, last night I was dreaming I was in the ocean, but it was not really the ocean… it was way too shallow. then I came to 3 waterfalls side by side… if you can imagine it was beautiful. people were gathering … the water were clear and it was shallow water and just beautiful. I think I was on float tubes.. but anyway, we were all gathering there for a concert. My favorite band is playing … m-flo 😀 The classic m-flo with Lisa. and everyone was just grooving.

What was interesting is that I think down the stream there is a water fall or something… but that location is just beautiful. I don’t think my description gives it justice… but hey come in to my dream and you will see how beautiful it is 😀

Happy Valentines Day!


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