Wow what a night of dreams

It is Monday again…. Last night I had a night of interesting dreams. I was trying to figure out how to calculate position in space. You know using the surrounding stars to calculate relative position. It was all starting to make sense in my dream and now I am awake and thinking back I wasn’t making any sense at all. So then my dream drifted to ancient time in China and I was following a brother and sister who were carrying fruits across the country. They had the two baskets and the bamboo beam across their shoulder. They were carrying persimmons. It was an interesting and strange dream segment..but then I wonder off and began to follow someone else and eventually lead into a dream segment that is at my work place. I was going to work and people were getting moved around … and I was rearranging my cubicle….

how strange right… but it was interesting… oh and it was in full vivid color!!! 😀



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