I have been battling back up strategy for a while now… so finally I got another SATA drive for my desktop. Today I put the drive in and reloaded windows… copy all the files over to the new drive and now put the two identical drives in a RAID 1 array.

RAID (originally redundant array of inexpensive disks, now also known as redundant array of independent disks) refers to a data storage scheme using multiple hard drives to share or replicate data among the drives. Depending on the configuration of the RAID (typically referred to as the RAID level), the benefit of RAID is one or more of increased data integrity, fault-tolerance, throughput or capacity compared to single drives. In its original implementations, its key advantage was the ability to combine multiple low-cost devices using older technology into an array that offered greater capacity, reliability, speed, or a combination of these things, than was affordable available in a single device using the newest technology.

— From Wikipedia

So RAID 1 is basically mean mirroring. That mean everything in my primary drive will be mirror to my backup drive. So this means I will have a 250 gig of redundant storage!!! Yeah…

I will fill a bit better about storaging my pictures on my computer now 😀

Happy Veteran’s Day


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