Month: October 2006


A Halloween Story

Happy Halloween Everyone… So … I am on my way back to Ephrata right now, but I thought I should tell everyone an interesting dream I had last night. So the dream started I was in a grassy hill with family… there might be another part of the dream before this but this is the …


Iowa State University

The oldest water tower west of Mississippi! ISU campus… Wow… what a day… I spend an entire day on ISU campus. I even went to my Monday class today. I met some of my professors, visited alot of the on campus Information Assurance labs and projects… I talked to some of the other grad students… …


OMG it is Friday?

I can’t believe it is Friday already… this week sure slipped by pretty quickly. Tomorrow… I will be on my adventure to IOWA. I will be doing a campus visit with my dad to Iowa State. It will be interesting. But first …. another day of work. … additional note….Major incident just happened at Hydro… …