Boy It felt good sleeping for close to 12 hours last night :D. As you know… I did not get much sleep the night before… so last night, I made up on my sleep. Sweet.

Yep… what was kind of cool was I was dreaming about my childhood home/apartment in Lafayette Louisianan. It was strange. I was hearing a recuring should and I was walking around the apartment looking for it. I looked all over. There was no one there. and I can’t find where the sound was coming from. I remember alot of details.. including where we use to keep canned cokes. but anyway…. finally I realized that I was dreaming and that recurring show was me breathing.

Strange huh? But .. I have dreams like that all the time. Really detailed and I remember most of them.

Anyway… today is beautiful outside and did I tell everyone that I am done with finals???

ha ha ha

tomorrow night I am going home.


Just a guy inside the Mintrix

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