Woo hoo… It is all done… I am done with finals and I am done with this semister of school. Don’t ask me how I did… because I still have few day of enjoyment before I find out how badly I did on my exam. I really think I have a love hate relationship with my 533 cryptography class. In one hand, I enjoy it because it is challenging and I am learning new ideas and polishing up old concepts. I actually used some Calculus on my final!!! Wow Calculus!!!… I haven’t used any calculus since college. Anyway, I enjoy the challenge and the concept, but the subject is really hard and the part I don’t like is the lack of help from school. But that’s ok… it is all over now… so move on to bigger and better things.

So what is next you say???

Well… I am going home for Mother’s day. That is this week.

Next week, I am going to Las Vegas for the IWCE conference. I will be there until thursday.
Then the week after I have monday off 😀
and then MAY is over!!!

Focus…. the goal is to get my CCNP by the end of Summer!!!


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