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Get cheaper overall airfare by flying same-day standby

if you ever bought a last minute flight, it is difficult to find a cheap airplane ticket with the time you want right?

But, if you are the type that is willing to gamble, then buy the cheapest ticket you can find of the day you want to fly and then try to fly same-day standby for the flight you want. You can save $50 to hundreds of dollars.

So this is the process that I took today and it worked for me, as I am writing this in First Class on a much earlier flight and I won’t be missing Thanksgiving dinner.

1) look online to see if there are a good number of available seats in the earlier flight. If there are only few seat available, then it may not be worth trying.
2) 3 hours before the new flight – anytime if you are Gold or higher. (This is for Delta, other airlines rules maybe different) I called 10 minutes before 3 hour window and they will not let me do anything, so call right at the 3 hour window to increase your chances.
3) If you are not Gold status or higher there is a $50 change fee (however, this maybe different for other airlines)
4) check in online immediately after the move. This will ensure your seat, and put you on standby for upgrade.
5) Drive to the airport and get on your new flight 🙂

It is that simple and for me it saved me over 100 dollars!!!

Well… as for my Thanksgiving adventure it is just starting.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!!!!

Delta Airlines :

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