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DIY: White Board (Dry Erase Board / Marker Board)

So I been wanting a new white board in my home office to draw out some ideas and mark up some new things or even leave some messages.  I remember having a big white board when I was growing up and it’s aways been really nice.  I never even thought about how much a white marker board costs until I started to search for one around town.  I wanted a 4′ x 3′ white board, however, it cost around $50+ dollars for one.  If I drop down to 3’x2′ then it drop down to around 30 dollars (Costco).  I really did not want to give up the surface space so I began to look for alternatives.  After searching a while,  I’ve found couple of websites talking about DIY white board on the cheap.  I looked up their methods, and then I went over to Lowes to check out the material and price.  i was able to get a 4’x3′ white board surface for only $9.98!!!!!  And with that, I am in, I will build my own white board.

You are probably wondering well what are you really building anyways?  I mean you got a surface, just nail it to the wall.  In a way, yeah, you can do that, or you can even just buy white board paint and paint your entire wall to be a white wall like surface.  However, I decided to go with either a frame or a hidden frame design.

After careful research, I decided to take advantage of left over wood from my home made, bed frame project few months back and use it as a support frame for my white board project. I also decided to a small piece of the left over trim as a pen holder for the whiteboard.

The following is my design.

My Material and cost

White board surface $10
small wood screws $2
tile plates x 6 : $2
contact cement : $5
subtotal: $19

wood strips around the house: $0
left over trim around the house: $0

During Construction

The completed whiteboard in my office.


1) I found that gluing the frame on the back of the board was more difficult than I expected with out a clamp. So get a clamp.

2) I originally designed the board to be 4′ X 3′. However the board purchased from Lowes states that it is 4×3, but it is 4′ but less than 3′ high (around 2’8″). So I had to reduce my frame size.

All in all I was able to make my white board under 20 dollars and in few hours. Let me know in the comments if you have any questions.


LOWES White Tile Board

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