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Another day of riding to work

Today been a busy day. My trip counter is up to 4 1/2 now… and it will be 5 trips after I return home today. A while back, I calculated in order to get my money’s worth for my initial bike purchase,I need to have made 97 trips. so that just means I only have 92 more trips to go… woo hoo!!!

So for me, it was tough getting up this morning, I was losing my mind…. I even forgot to wear my helmet. I had to ride back to my home to pick it back up. That added 10-15 minutes. But all in all it was good. I thick I can ride to work just around 1 hour now. Which is about right, because my average speed on my trip computer is around 13 mile/hr.

So that mean I can travel 13 miles in an hour… and guess what work is around 13 miles 🙂

Yeah.. I know that’s so stupid… so here are the stats.. enjoy!!

5th trip to work

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