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Amazing amount of resouce

Well.. the temperature is around 89 degrees today… why too hot to stay at home. So I decided to head to the local library branch to do some work. First I was surprised of how many people were there, I did not think much of it and went and found a nice quiet corner to do my work. It has been a long long time since I been back to the library… maybe since college? But right before I was about to get kicked out of the library because they are closing at 6, I decided to get a library card and check the place out. Oh my Gosh!!! It was amazing, what I’ve found!!! With a library card.. you can get access to more than just books. I mean you can get some really good books and reference guides too but you can also get access to DVD’s CD’s, mangas, and even online downloads!!!

I am completely amazed!!! The library even supports a self checkout using RFID… which is super cool.

Wow… amazing experience with the Seattle Library System… I think I will revisit them more often.


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