Very good doctor’s experience

So… my past experience with US doctors has been, you call in they say humm… can you come back in 3 days for your appointment. I am like, but I am sick now!!!… but there was no choice… you have to wait and see. Today, was amazing. I woke up, I call in at 7:30 am, and got an appointment at 8:00 am, got checked out and out the door of the clinic by 8:30, pick up my meds at 9:45 and now sucking down antibiotics at 10:00. And the entire process only cost 6.98 for the antibiotics. Pretty cool.

Oh I am sure my insurance will back bill me somehow… but for right now for today… I am content.

As for me… Strep Throat.

Few days of antibiotics and stay away from people … That is good.. I need some time to finish my work…


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