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IPhone OS 3.0 Upgraded …

After an early scare on my upgrade… I went from a jailbroken iphone OS 2.2.1 to a standard 1st gen. Iphone OS 3.0. At first I was getting the emergency dialing only screen. This is because the Apple App store server was busy and had issues. For a while I thought I bricked my old Iphone. But I am happy to announce that it is back and for two more days of service before it’s retirement.

But so far I am pretty happy with it. Well, besides the fact that I can’t use tethering everything is very cool.

– The search spotlight is pretty awesome.
– Copy and Paste!!!! Woo hoo finally!!!
– Push is awesome
– International.. now I can type chinese in Zhuyin!!! … I can send my little sister messages in chinese hee hee… maybe even get my parents an Iphone
– caldav is awesome!!! now I can sync my calendar over the air…

I can’t wait until I get my 3GS… then I can..

– A2DP…
– better camera with auto focus and macro… great with Evernotes… yeah!!!
– voice commands
– never get lost with a digital compass
– Auto Car wash with iphone
– Solve all homework problems on the fly
– acts like a vaccuum and sweeper with the new 3GS

oh… how wonderful is technology…:)

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