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Camera Clinic in Shoreline

So Yesterday I drop my camera off to this small camera repair shop in Shoreline WA. I been getting alot of little dust spots on my pictures. and since the weather is so nice it is really annoying to take pictures and then spend 30+ minutes on the computer trying to fix all the dust spots. So I decided to drop the camera off and get it cleaned. It is pretty amazing little place. They have been fixing cameras for 30 years. So today I brought my old Nikon camera over there for them to take a look. And it was amazing… the guy immediately told me everything about the camera and said that it was a pretty good camera for its time. Oh… I’ve got to tell Dad that, but I am sure my dad knows. It really got me thinking. The Nikomat FT3 was manufactured from 1977 – 1979. I was born on 1976. I think my dad bought the camera to take pictures of me and this camera is still good enough to take pictures today and even produce good pictures. I wonder in 30 years will my Canon 30D still be good enough to be appreciated by my kids? Probably not. I guess that shows how things are today. Thing are being built today to be instant satifaction and to be disposable and that is the world of 2009.

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