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Returning to Central Washington

This weekend is pretty special. For the first time in 2 years, I drove back over the cascades and back to Moses Lake and Ephrata area. Why? well, my friend’s oldest daughter is having her first communion. This is a special occasion for us Catholics. The drive over to Moses Lake was extremely special. I remember for 4 years when I lived in Ephrata, I was constantly doing that drive, so driving it yesterday brought back so many memories.

My friend is a super lucky guys, with 5 kids, I was welcomed by all of them when I arrived. I felt so loved. My friend’s house is a classic american family home…. super lovely and in this case super huge as well… I guess with 5 kids you sort of have too. His back yard was like a football field… huge back yard. The sun set last night was amazing. I forgot how beautiful it is in central Washington.
I do kind of miss all of this.
So just woke up to the smell of bacon and the sound of kids. Wow… what a life.
I will get ready for an exciting day in Moses lake… oh and hopefully will get some time to visit my friends in Ephrata too.

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