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Monday and new roommate

So … after living by myself for a long time, I decided to give up one of my room and get a roommate. So after tonight, I will have a roommate. No, no it is not a hot girl, just a kid that is going to NSCC for school. I hope everything will be cool and happy with this roommate situation. So it was a very nice Sunday yesterday, relaxed, cleaned out of my rooms for my new roommate. Here are some of my random thoughts. I realized that I have way too much stuff and really need to get rid of somethings. I think yesterday feels like a very cool (temperature wise) spring day… played a little tennis yesterday (3 hours) … a bit cold … decided to use my old racquet again… think I will restring my new racquet and give it another go… if that doesn’t work out after restring then I will sell the racquet. Foot hurts again, this morning… that’s normal… master bedroom is still a mess… 16 days left to file my taxes….

It is Monday afterall…

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