New Keys and a Car Wash

So I got my new blank keys for my car yesterday. Whoo hoo!!! yeah… so it means that I got to get it cut and programmed. So I called around and found that it was around 80 dollars to get one key cut and programmed… that means two keys would be 160. yikes… so I decided to call the infiniti dealership and see what they can do. They said they can program it for 65… so I figured… sure.. that’s only 130. When I got there the were going to charge me around 9 dollars per key to cut it, so I was like oh well.. then the surprising thing happened… they only charge me 65 for programming fee for both keys and they said that they will also wash my car. So I ended up with both keys cut and programmed for 85 dollars and it included a vacuum and a car wash… and my car really needed it too!!!..

Sweeet… on top of it … it’s a beautiful day to have my car washed… but I am sure it will rain soon.


Just a guy inside the Mintrix

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