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My first Iphone app

So… I woke up this morning feeling smarter with my new glasses on and figure out what was wrong with my “hello world” iphone app program. yeah… it just ended up that I was not running it on the simulator that is why I was getting a “code sign error”. So as soon as I fixed that the simple … I mean really simple “hello world” ran and I got an app that spits out “hello world”. Yeah!!!

“Hello World” is the confident builder when we geeks learn a new language.
Oh so yeah…I got my new frame in yesterday. Woo hoo… this time the lens were correct and the size was correct too. Gosh I have a big head. So how do I look?

All in all, my experience with online eyeglasses shopping was fair. I guess the important thing is to find the proper size and be really patient. In a modern on demand world, waiting two weeks for a pair of glasses just feels pretty painful, but you are paying only $55 verses $200 to $400. so yeah… it is a trade off.

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