So what happened yesterday…

So… here is my story… just like another early spring Saturday, I went to snowboarding at Steven’s pass with my friends Howie and Pauline. When we got there, we geared up and headed toward the slopes… while I was walking toward the parking lot, Pauline asked if I got my keys.. and I jokingly laughed and said, “it would be really bad if I didn’t”, then I realized that I left my gloves in the trunk and return to my car to get them. Once I got my gloves, I quickly caught up with my friends and off to the slopes we went.

As I stated earlier, it was really spring skiing this weekend, most of the slopes were icy earlier on, but eventually soften up. So after about the 6th or 7th run, I had a major fall on the back mountain, I just laughed and I thought, “I hope I did not lose my keys”. I then padded my front pockets, nothing… I padded my back pockets, nothing… I check my coat pockets, still nothing…
I was thinking, “oh shit, I must have lost my keys during my fall.” After I realized there was nothing I can do on the slope, I decided to ask my buddies for help. I boarded down to Howie and Pauline and told them the situation. We decided to retrace my last run and see if we can find it. The good thing was that my key chain had a bright red dragon fly on it, but the bad thing was that my key chain has every important key that I owned on it and I do not have a backup. This includes my car keys, house keys, mail box… etc (my backup keys got stolen 3 month ago during my car break in) As one can see, I was pretty much in a major panic. We combed the back slop and could not find my keys at all… then I though about this morning, maybe I accidently locked my keys in the trunk this morning and never carried it on the slope with me. So I thought to myself, if my car was unlocked then the keys must be in the trunk. I must go back and check. After we gave up searching in the back mountain, I headed back to my car and hoped to find my car unlocked. When I got to my car, I notice my driver side door was locked… I pulled on the handle and sure thing, it was locked. “oh shit”, I thought “this really, really sucks.” Then I looked up and saw a white piece of paper, sitting at the corner of my roof rack wind deflector. I picked up the paper and behind it was my keys!!!! OH MY GOSH!!!! at that instant there was a rush of relief and joy!!! Written inside the white paper was a brief note “Found this send reward to … ” . Oh my gosh!! thank you thank you!!! yeah I will send a reward…
I was so happy to have found my keys… but shortly realized that the actual address was fake. But I still want to thank the stranger that left my keys on my car!!! Thank you Thank you!!!

See.. there are good people in this world….

P.S. This is not the first time I lost my keys and have them returned… Look on Sept. 16, 2006 for my last lost key experience.


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