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Election day

3 day after my 32nd birthday is one of the most important days this year!!! Today is election day!!!
So did I vote? of course I did… I dropped of my official ballot this morning. Yep and it feels good. So, my voting record for the recent years have been pretty bad. All the people I vote don’t get elected and all the items I vote for don’t get passed or get passe d when I vote against it. So, this year I decided to do something different. This year I vote for the people that I don’t want to win… so I voted for Obama.

ha ha ha ha ha…

ok guys… it’s a joke!!! 😛

All in all, it really don’t matter who you vote for, if you are a citizen of the US (Key words are US CITIZEN), you should vote to exercise your freedom and right to vote. However, please vote with an understanding of why you are voting and vote to the vision that you see the future of America.

I hope everyone have a wonderful voting day!!!!

BTW … We are watching the results tonight at the Reservoir in Maple Leaf. The Reservoir is a small neighborhood dive bar. So come join us.

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