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Woo hoo .. I am back

So after a week and a half of moving and no internet I am finally connected back up. Whoo hoo!!!

It is good to be back… so what’s been going on? Humm… let’s see… moving for one. Oh … i discovered that moving in to a townhouse sucks… because the space seem so much bigger when it was empty. Basically … all my stuff fit very snuggley into my 1200 sq ft townhouse. Oh and because it is a townhouse, and it has really really really tight stairwells, I was not able to get my two queen sized box springs to the third floor. So now I am now sleeping without box springs. The stairwell was also a problem for my big ol’ sofa. So now my study on the first floor is a lounge / quiet room with a 3 person sofa in it. Oh and let’s not talk about parking…. yes yes.. I do have my own garage now… which is good… however, in order to park in my little garage, it requires total concentration and a 2 to 4 points turn. It really bites… as a matter of fact.. I already scratched up my beautiful car because of it. Oh well… it is all part of the learning experience right?

All in all … I really like my new place. the kitchen is nice… the location is awesome… I finally feel like I am living in Seattle.

So… come by and visit sometimes!!!

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