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Video Blog?

Gosh… I am sitting here stalling while I should be studying for my classes. But anyway… I was reading one of my buddy’s blog just a few minutes ago … I realized that he just started on video blogging on youtube …

what what what? Video Blogging? interesting…
But the same reason why I like photos/cameras more than videos and camcorders is because … videos collect too much information. A video can be good and really cool … but it takes time. I think my friend Clayton is doing a very good job on his video blog.. but I am sure he took alot of time to do editing work on it. Yeah… I thought about doing something similar… but… 2 things…

1) Don’t have a good enough computer… I really need to get a much better faster and more quiet computer so I can do some of these side activities I want to do.
2) No time…. especially with school and hey winter is coming around….. that means my weekends will be occupied.
and finally
3)I need to get my photo stuff done first before anything. Little girls from soccer need to have their pictures … and cow girls and cow boys would also want to see their pictures from the fair. I think I might do that during the xmas break.. (a school term 😉

I hope everyone had a wonderful weekend… tomorrow is the beginning of another short week. Week after next I am going to Seattle for BCSI training and then after that I am going home to for Thanksgiving.

Crazy huh???

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