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Today is a very special day for me… so many things have happened before on this day… First, I want to say thank you !!!! Mom and Dad for everything!!! I miss you guys alot!!!

So far, it has been an interesting day… I woke up around 6 am today… I guess I have a very small jet lag from staying in Iowa for couple of days and also with the time change.

So … I remember on this day…

I remember 10 years ago … I was in Auburn as a undergrad. I remember I made such a big deal because I was no longer a teenager anymore… ha ha ha … and how quickly time just slips by.

I remember 9 years ago… I was still on campus… we were all at my fellow computer engineering classmate’s Halloween Party.

I remember 6 years ago… I was just by myself in Bham. My buddy Phil took me out for dinner at Stix near Galleria… Thanks Phil!!!

I remember 5 years ago… I was in Birmingham… boy what a night of halloween party and the day after was such an interesting day at work… Thanks Budro for helping me out that day.

I remember 4 years ago… we all had a party in Auburn… my friends Sergon, Eric, and of course Hsiu Hsiu. I still have the Sazabi you guys gave me … still unbuilt… I need to work on it some time. 🙂

I remember 3 years ago… I … that was a special time {sigh}…. I miss you.

I remember 2 years ago… I just finished my PE exam and I was excited… I did not really cared if I passed or fail.. I was done.

I remember last year, it was a difficult year but thanks everyone for helping me through it.

so… I am looking forward to what this new chapter of this great adventure that we call life have to offer!!! 😀

Stay Tuned!!!

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