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… Cafe Mocha … Hot Hot!!!

“… Ah ah ah… in this atmosphere…”

Oh I am so glad it is Friday… I finished another one of my exams… just few more weeks of school left and it will be over…

As I been talking about alot lately.. work has been pretty stressful.. but I am doing ok… I am trying to finish this major radio redundancy and upgrade project before the end of the year. It is my goal. I ask my boss that if I can get that done, if he can give me a few extra PLPs. So I am trying my best to balance everything and get this all done. Next weekend I will be going east to Iowa to do a campus visit. That should be interesting.

so immediately… probably just relax tonight… maybe some SC if I can find someone to play with. And tomorrow… I need to work on the soccer pictures and also work my remining homework for 531. Oh almost forgot … got to do my test and document the results for my 543 project.

So many things to do in so little time 😀 so little time 😀

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