Day: October 3, 2006


Visiting Iowa State University

So… my father recently received a Grant for his proposal and will require him to visit Iowa state to visit a similar project. Since I am currently an Iowa state student and I have not been to my school, I am planning to visit ISU with my father. This will be interesting.


Time to go home

Another full day of work…and now it is time for me to go home 😉Goal for tonight? not to get distracted and do some class work…CPRE543 … here I come…


Entry 1330

After few years of blogging … I am now at entry 1330. Work has been busy… I was in Vancouver last week… and now I am back in Ephrata… I have a huge project that is ramping up… I am behind on my school work.. and everything else just joy and stress…. Something makes you …