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A Shattered Dream

It happens every fall season… College Football… With under 5 minutes left in the game… it is pretty much over for Auburn. Sigh…. I was really hoping Auburn can reach 6-0 by end of the day today… but the guys just had a really really rough game today… Well… it happens. now… with this major upset… what will happen to Auburn? We were number 2… now we might not even get to go to SEC championship game… because if Arkansas continue to win their SEC games they will be going to the SEC championship game… Sigh… this really makes things hard…

It is funny… I don’t even play football… and now I am in the West I don’t really have anyone to share this love of Auburn football with… but yet it is still upsets me when I see my school lose a football game. That ok… we will grow from this experience and move forward. WAR EAGLE and it is still GREAT to BE an Auburn Tiger!!! Hey… for all you Auburn Football players out there who are reading my blog… don’t feel bad… we will get them next time… shake it off and move on. 😀

Under 3 minutes left… maybe we still can do something. we only need 3 scores…

… back to studying….. back to studying…

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