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Once again, I am sitting in the Airport typing away at my blog. Oh before I forget, Happy Mothers day!!! Anyway… this time I am in the Birmingham Airport. Originally, I was going to fly from here to Houston and from Houston to Seattle, but that flight to Houston got cancelled so I am flying to Cincinnati, OH instead and fly from there to Seattle. I get delayed about 1 hour. So that’s ok. And tomorrow starts an interesting week. Tomorrow morning I head from Seattle to Las Vegas and I spend 3 days in Las Vegas for the International Wireless Communications Expo. Now that should be fun. One of these nights, I think I want to go see Penn and Teller. 😀

Anyway… these couple of days in Auburn has been fun. Of course it always been fun. I got a chance to see alot of my friends. I got to see my buddy Trung and Julie and their 3 kids and one to come. They have such a blessed family. I also got to see my buddy Sergeon and Shi with their baby girl Misha. It was Misha’s birthday on Saturday. Misha is one year old now… wow… I can’t believe how fast time passes. I also saw my friend Eric Au and his wife and his kid. One special surprise was I got a chance to see Lan Shang Bing… he is on his Honeymoon and decided to take his wife to Auburn for a visit. Amazing I can’t believe that he has been away for almost 6 years. This past weekend, I also got to check out the remodeled house. My father did a wonderful job remodelling the old house. It looked sooo good. If I were in Auburn, I would love to live there. It is only $145,000. Any offers??

Of course family… I got to spend a short amount of time with my family. My sister came home yesterday and we had a big party. Partys at my family’s house is always the best!!!
I do also miss my friends in the NW. sometimes I wish I can have all my friends here in Alabama for a big party 😀

But it is time to go home… and tomorrow I am flying to Vegas and get ready to take notes and lots of work on the road. But it should still be fine.

Oh… and one more thing… I got an A for my Cryto class!!! oh my gosh!! an A… but that is another story for another day ;D

I will be leaving BHM soon and I will be back in SEA around 10:25pm…. maybe sooner if the pilot speeds… ha ha ha.. zoom zoom

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