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It is Tuesday afternoon already, I am looking forward to the weekend. The weather is awesome outside and I am stuck inside. The health screening today went pretty well. I need to be cautious about my weight though. Well, I guess I have heard about it from my mom and my family already. Gee… I wonder when does this all happened… when did I became fat? well… I feel like I been repeating myself… I keep on repeating myself on my blog now huh? I guess there is just not much going on. Had a really go talk with my friend Dante today… it really got me thinking about everything that is going on with my life again. {sigh}

Do I want to be an engineer? If not an engineer then what? these are just some of the thoughts that bounces through my mind sometimes.

gosh… I guess I should concentrate what is a hand and move on …. forget about all the distractions. I mean should I even post my thoughts like this on my blog? I don’t care … I think it make me feel better just to write it down.

So what do I want to do? Simple….

I want to …

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