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It has been a while since I last went to the movies. I just got back from watching Sin City. Sin City is a strange movie. It has all the characteristics of an artsy film. For example, a disjoined timeline, viewing the same scene from different character’s perspective, the character’s inner voice describing thing the scene and their thoughts are all such characteristics. The movie is also mostly back and white with view colors to really highlight certain scenes and events. Sin City has a old time movie feel with poor modern day acting. In same ways you can sum Sin City of as Pulp Fiction + Ed Wood + Sky Captain + Blood and Gore … oh and boobs = Sin City. With all that said… Sin City is still an interesting movie to watch. Few story arc in the movie did capture my attention, and the beautiful girls in the movie sure did help. Once again, it is an art flick, it will probably be like Pulp Fiction and college students will have Sin City’s movie poster in every dorm room, but what I would recommend is … if you don’t have anything to do and would like to see something different… go see the movie. If not .. probably still should rent it when the movie comes out on DVD. Depends on the type of person you are, I would probably not buy this movie, but just to rent and watch it one more time to see if I can catch some of the things I miss in the beginning. Posted by Hello

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