So … I’ve been working on my Xbox lately… Yes… I’ve got a Xbox now. It is quite funny… the first thing I did after I open the brand new cardboard box for my xbox is to open my xbox up.
Ok … maybe I did not make myself clear… I modded my xbox.


For the media center of course… and it does void my warranty to the xbox.

But … after an entire Friday night of working on the xbox…. I finally got a media center with a 250 gig hard drive.

I have to say… this box is SWEET!!!!!!

I love it …
The box will play everything.
It also have samba support and it even supports internet streams!!!

Yes I can get internet radio and internet TV straight from the web.

I have the say… the internet TV is not the best in the world but it is still pretty cool.


Just a guy inside the Mintrix

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