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Wow… What a cool weekend…. I guess I should write more during the weekends as well… humm…. It is like, when I am on a break my blogs go on a break too. Well, this is the starting of the last full week of work in El Paso and the funny thing is that I will have to stay late everyday this week… but I will try to see if I can change that. So what happened this weekend? Well, humm… no Auburn game on Saturday, so I watch the Tenn Vs UF game in Two Rows in rice village with my good friend Johnson. After that I caught up with my HS buddies in Houston, I can’t believe I’ve know my HS friends for over 10 years, WOW!!! Sunday was pretty interesting. I want to a mass in a black neighborhood church in fifth ward Houston… it was strange at first, because I was the only Asian guy there, but a mass is a mass. I have to say, their music was much better than the other places I been to. I was almost like going to a Sunday Jazz brunch, but you are actually at a catholic mass. Pretty cool, Pretty cool….

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