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I been hearing the term “86ed” alot lately… so I am curious, what does it mean and where did it come from?? I look around the net and here is what I found…

eight暄-six or 86 (漡t�-s螶s�) verb, transitive

eight暄-sixed or 86搪d eight暄-six搏ng or 86搏ng eight暄-six搪s or 86搪s


1. To refuse to serve (an unwelcome customer) at a bar or restaurant.

2. a. To throw out; eject. b. To throw away; discard.

[Perhaps after Chumley’s bar and restaurant at 86 Bedford Street in Greenwich Village, New York City.]

I think there are bunch of origins… so I don’t know which is real… so what do you think?

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