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Wow… what a amazing weekend. Well… Friday night, Scott, Wendy, Tom, and John came over for dinner. It was wonderful. My mom is an awesome cook. Everyone had a good time and after our guest left, My parents, my sis, my girlfriend, and I played some mahjong and I think that is when I used up all my luck. It was still fun though. On Saturday, we drove up to Dallas for a wedding. On the way up, right at the edge of Dallas, I got a speeding ticket. I was doing 77mph on a 60 mph lane… so the cop say. Like I said, my luck ran out. Anyway, after a very very long wedding/reception, we finally got back to our friends house around 11pm and headed to bed. That night it was thundering and hailing, so everyone says… I was soundly asleep through the night. Yes … I can sleep. After lunch on Sunday, we drove back to Houston. Today, my parents and Hsiu Hsiu heads back to Auburn. I miss them already. That’s ok I will see them soon. So let me see… when can I plan for my next trip home 😉

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