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Well, My computer got it’s finally upgrade today. It basically got a 2nd heart transplant from a P2-300 (over clocked to 450) to a P3-800. it’s first was from a 350 to an overclock 300(AKA 450). It already has a 1 gig memory and 40 gigs of hd with scsi and a 2gig Jaz and a ATI all in wonder pro card. So… with this upgrade it has finally reached it max potential. So what is the history of this pc? Well… it is the same pc that I used in college.. which was bought 5 years ago. It is pretty old for a PC don’t you think? Anyway, with the proc upgrade it actually speed up my anime viewing…. no longer do I get a jerky miss sync sound when I watch divx animes.

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