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Well, so it is day after Thanksgiving, we decided to head to Lake Martin and do some fishing. It was cold but we had alot of fun. Johnson got to get a chance to see some of the Alabama’s beautiful landscape and weather. What is funny is one hour in to our trip to the lake, I got a call from NCC saying that the West Monroe node’s router is out. Which means, that all locations connected to that location is down. That is really no big deal because the dial backup system I put in not too long ago should have kicked in. After a few minutes of debugging on the lake, I was about ready to head back. Luckly, my boss, Terry, was way ahead of the game and fix exactly what I was going to fix. Well, it is a perfect fix, but it is a fix that will not require any call out. That is a good thing. I am sure we will get to discuss alot about it on Monday, but mean while the pipeline is getting their data… which is a very good thing.

So how is your day?

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